~ An Hour With You~

My love, I will always remember
That marvelous day you gave me
That beautiful diamond ring
The loveliness of its sparkle and shine

The beautiful love filled engagement ring
I still wear on my left hand
Given to me from a wonderful man
This seems to brighten each passing day

For our love has multiplied greatly
With each and every passing day
Diamonds only glisten brightly
When true love is kept alive

A diamond ring is only a symbol
Of what true love is all about
If my true love ever starts to fad
My diamond will lose its beauty and light

A ring is not what is important
In this marvelous dance of love
As long as my ring is filled with true love
I will truly treasure it, the rest of my life

©Donna Kramer
Sept 17, 2005

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Music: I'll Spend My Life

Original Songs by Bill Sandy
copyrighted" By: Bill Sandy
Used With Permission