~ An Hour With You~


Going through Jackson Mississippi,
Brakes gone, now a game of skill,
We were having trouble with the motor,
Backfiring going up this hill.

Would we make it up the hill in the rain?
Wipers’ not working was handicap.
S.Y. said if this car stops running
We will wipe this town off the map.

Finally, we made it over the top,
Got a motel room for the night,
S.Y. started working on the motor.
Got the old motor running right.

We had no brakes, no emergency brake,
Georgia was just ahead of us,
Right in front of us this car pulled out,
Tried to gear down without a fuss.

The gearshift came right up out of the floor,
The other car got out of the way,
Thank The Lord! We rolled to a stop,
What could we possible do but pray.

S.Y. got a screwdriver stuck it down
Into the place the gear came out,
Working until he got it in high gear,
A good clutch going for us no doubt.

Did I mention we had a trailer
Behind pulling a thousand pounds
Of machinery, a dog, three kids inside?
This might be “Happy Hunting Ground.”

We bravely got started off in high gear,
Made a wrong turn, couldn’t back up,
Had to go miles before turning around,
We could not afford to foul up.

Finally found a place we could circle around,
We made it back to the right turn,
There was a little hill we had go up,
Thought we were going to return.

So what were we going to do this time.
I got out and pushed just enough,
To make it up the hill and on our way.
Continue next time with this stuff.

Codell Donehoo©

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July 23 2005
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Music: "Glory and Praise to Our God (D. Schutte)"

Sequenced By: Bob Sorem
Used With Permission



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