~ An Hour With You~

Dear Mr. Santa Claus

I am writing this letter to you,
Hoping my requests won’t be refused.
The requests on my list are hard to find,
So, I am hoping what I asked for won’t put you behind.

My greatest request is for world peace,
Followed with love for another to be released.
It shouldn’t matter what side of the world we were born on,
No matter what religion, we all know killing is wrong.

There are many Christmas tree’s that stand very tall,
Yet, many of these trees won’t be seen by all.
As there are many families in the world with hearts that are torn,
Crying from the loss of children, remembering the day when they were born.

War brings only bloodshed,
From the hearts of the dead.
You don’t have to go to Iraq,
To see people under attack.

Just look out the door,
At gangs fighting street wars.
I wonder how and why all this began?
Even more, I wonder when it will all end?

What can we all do to stop all the hate?
To stop oppression before it’s too late?
I hope you can give me what I asked for, because,
I want to believe in something real, besides Santa Claus.


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