~An Hour With You~

Dear Father

My life is yours, Dear Father
To lead and guide me through
To go over Satan's hurdles
And again see skies of blue.

My tests and trials here on earth
Begin at birth, and last throughout
But when I accepted You as my guide
I knew where my home lies, without a doubt.

Your only begotten Son, sent to die on a cross
His precious blood covering my sins
I accepted Him into my heart
I know He now lives there within

The greatest book ever written tells all
Some seems to leave questions to man
But when You want to reveal it all
Is up to You, Your timing, and Your plan

This precious book called the Holy Bible
Covers past, present and future
A book lasting through all the ages
Of afterlife ..it truly will assure

It tells the story of the beginning
Then on to Jesus' birth and life
It even tells of future happenings
If salvation is not accepted, it tells of strife

Yes, this wonderful book is my guide
It is my way to You, my Father who waits
Ever so patiently in Heaven above
To welcome me through the gates.

September 2003

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Music: "Just As I Am"

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