~ An Hour With You~

And when we dance, my love you are,
My dream, my fantasy come true,
Through your eyes you reveal your love,
Heavenly bliss, how I love you.

You look at me as if I star,
For you only, always I do,
Tonightís a special night to shine,
Dancing in your arms, I love too.

Right here and now I feel your love,
More sweet than any rose could be,
When we dance, my love really glows,
Watching your eyes take all of me.

You say I'm your inspiration,
When the music plays, it's my song,
Oh you'll never know how much love,
Deep in your eyes for me you long.

You are my moon and stars above,
Come dance my love, you feel so right,
Iíll be loving you for always,
Hold me close in your arms tonight.

Iíll come softly to you my love,
And youíll sway me across the room,
As we dance my love, you will know,
My love for you will always bloom.

©Sondra McPherson
September 20, 2005





Music: "Always"
The Duchess
Written By: Irving Berlin
Artist: Sammy Turner
Sequenced By: Red Sal
Used With Permission