~An Hour With You~

By the grace of God,
I am planted in life's garden,
By the sacrifice of my Lord,
I have been granted a pardon.

By the wonderful love of Jesus,
My soul has been redeemed,
And by His awesome power,
I have new self-esteem.

By the touch of His Hand,
I am made whole and pure,
With the blessing given daily,
My path will forever endure.

By the trust I place in God,
Heaven is my ultimate goal,
He reserved a place for me,
He's always in complete control.

By the promise God made long ago,
A home for all in heaven above,
I accepted Him into my heart,
He filled me with His great love.

By the grace of God,
I am a child of the King,
Through the skies I will fly,
Upon sweet angels' wings.

Gayle Davisİ
August 28, 2005

Music: "Earth's Eternal Flame"

Composed by: Bill Sandy - Mystifying Music
Copyright 2002 - All Rights Reserved
Used With Permission