~ An Hour With You~

A soul so well perfected,
Brushed with the beauty of love,
Touched by the hand of God,
Blessed from the heavens above.

God took the sinful heart,
Washed it pure, filled with grace,
Brushed it in glistening beauty,
Delicate as vintage lace.

Protect this new heart of God,
Gentle with the lash of the tongue,
Let it grow in God's sweet beauty,
In birth the soul is yet young.

Let our life be an example,
Leading one when they fall,
Showing by our own actions,
God's children answers His call.

Take the new heart brushed with beauty,
Place it under an angel's wings,
Pray for God to give guidance,
As heaven's angel band sings.

The stars shine into the darkness,
The moon softens its nightly glow,
Hearts steeped in deep devotion,
Continue to let God's love flow.

Brushed with majestic beauty,
By the Master Painter from on high,
Cloistered in Angelic fashion,
In God's care we softly sigh.

Gayle Davis©
August 13, 2005

3 June 2005
All Graphics © Sysster Designs
Painting used with Permission © Penny Parker

Music: "Sinner Saved By Grace"
Sequenced By: David Larch
Used With Permission