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Blessings Of Winter

Tell tale signs, of children at play.
Leaving behind snow angels,
in the fresh fallen snow.

Mr. Snowman,
silently stands guard.
Him, built on the snow carpeted front lawn.

All dressed up in a hat and scarf.
A young child says,
"So he won't catch cold"

In the crisp cold winters air,
children's squeals of delight,
ring through the valley.

All having fun,
sliding down a great hill.
Worth the effort of heading back up,
to do it all over again.

The leaves have long gone,
from the old Oak Tree.
Bare with no signs of life.

Yet surprisingly,
a few wild geese hang about.
I guess they too,
have grown accustomed to the cold.

The icicles gleam and shine,
in the morning sun.
All neatly lined in a row,
on the roofs ledge.

A morsel of our,
Blessings Of Winter.

Elizabeth Ann Busheyİ

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Music: "Right There Waiting"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission


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