An Hour With You~*~Birthday Party For The King~*~
~ An Hour With You~

Birthday Party For The King

The long summer is gone,
And fall is finally here.
Trees are shedding their garments,
For yet another year.

Where did all those years go?
When we were young and spry,
It doesn’t really matter though,
I’m on a Christmas high!

Soon will come the depths of winter,
Bringing in some lovely snow.
Families will be sitting by the fireplace,
With thoughts of long ago.

Children in their jammies,
Mom in her robe,
Dad stoking the fire,
For marshmallows to roast.

The joy of Christmas in the air,
As carolers come to sing,
And wishes of good tidings,
And goodies the neighbors bring.

We all join in and celebrate,
The birthday of our King.
The joy fills our hearts,
When church bells start to ring.

A birthday party has been planned,
For our honored guest.
You are invited to come,
By Jesus’ own special request.

Faye Reyenga©
12 / 10 / 2005

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Music: "Birthday Of A King"
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