~ An Hour With You~

We spent three weeks in our beloved state,
In Georgia was Revival time,
Dad asked S.Y. to run his meeting,
Hearts were revived, found peace of mind.

Had a wonderful time visiting old friends,
Trying to catch up with all the news,
Who had new babies and who got married,
Those gone and those who still played horseshoes.

Had a good friend who was a mechanic,
He took the old Chevy all apart,
He checked everything that would make it run,
Made sure it would run and would start.

Too soon our days ran out, had to head home,
Packed the old Chevy with our stuff,
Gave everyone a hug then had a good cry,
Saying “goodbye” was really tough.

On the road headed back to Arizona,
Leaving old Georgia dirt behind.
Everything was running just like it should,
Driving along and all was fine.

We were about a hundred miles from home,
When we heard a really loud sound,
Stopped the car looked under the hood,
A lifter again broke off we found.

In the desert with no way to fix it,
A piece of wire we tied it up,
Started out with our eyes on the road again,
Sure could use a drink of seven-up.

We got home but what was waiting for us!
We opened the door, big surprise,
They had a big sand storm while we were gone,
Our home had sure been victimized.

Sand had worked its way through all the house,
You had to wonder how that much sand
Could ever have found its way through any small crack,
This just was not what we had planned.

We worked two days to get it all out,
Praying never to see sandstorms.
Finally, we could rest from our long trip,
Would be better to have brainstorms.

Codell Donehoo©

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