~ An Hour With You~

Come to me my beloved,
As the night gently falls,
Bring your soul to me,
For my lonely heart calls.

Speaking soft words of love,
Like delicate petals in the wind,
They leave me quaking slightly,
Sweet messages your lips send.

Anticipation grows within me,
E'er sending my senses reeling,
Stroking tenderly my beloved one,
Arousing mystic depths of feeling.

I cling to you, ne'er releasing,
For the 'morrow I try to forestall,
I desire these intense feelings,
I've sought for love that enthralls.

Dreaded daybreak has broken,
Casting light upon the soul,
I yearn again for the darkness,
Night grows blooms of fragrance bold.

Gayle Davisİ
July 21, 2005

Music: "Midnight Kiss's"

Orginal By Mel Webb
Used With Permission