~ An Hour With You~

Behind Each Sorrow

Behind each window pane,
Are reflections of light,
Behind each rainbow,
There lies blessings in sight.

Behind each cloud up above,
The sun shines through,
Behind each heartache now,
There’s future joy for you.

Behind each daybreak here,
There’s a promise in store,
Behind that promise,
Lies hope and more.

Behind each question you ask,
There are answers to be sought,
Behind each victory ahead,
There was a battle to be fought.

Behind each yesterday lies new hope,
For a better tomorrow and ways to cope,
Behind every promise God sends our way,
There lies a mansion in heaven some day.

Ann Hart©
Nfld. Canada

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Music: "His Love Will Wash Away The Pain"

Copyright © 2002 Margaret Cox
Used with permission