An Hour With You~*~Behind Closed Doors~*~
~ An Hour With You~

Behind Closed Doors

Jesus, I need to talk to you,
About what is going on.
Behind closed doors in our home,
When we are here all alone.

I try to always stay in my room,
Completely out of sight.
ĎCause I get so scared, Jesus,
When Mommy and Daddy fight.

Daddy calls us all lots of names,
I donít know what they mean.
Someone must have been really bad,
Daddy is making a big scene.

Daddy hit Mommy again last night,
Her eye is all black and blue.
Could you please help us, Jesus?,
None of us know what to do.

Grandma and Grandpa come visit,
But I donít think they know.
ĎCause when they come here, Jesus
We all have to put on a show.

Do you think they really see this?,
A little family happy as can be?
Or does Grandma somehow know
And will help us to get free.

I really do love my Daddy, Jesus,
I just donít know what to do.
My Grandma said if Iím in trouble,
I should always turn to you.

Please just make Daddy love us,
We donít know what we did wrong.
Stay close by to look after us,
Please just help us to stay strong.

I love you, Jesus . . . Goodnight

© Brenda Sparkman

Paula Vaughan, Artist

Luvdalot Graphics & Design

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