An Hour With You~*~Because I Needed You~*~
~An Hour With You~

When we’re in need you pray,
To calm my fears,
And blessings stream our way,
Which bring the tears.

Because I needed you,
My blessed sweet friends,
You raise us in God’s view,
Oh how He mends.

Thank you my precious loves,
For prayers complete,
Flying on wings of doves,
With love so sweet.

When we’re in need your prayers,
Bring God’s showers,
As you reach heaven’s stairs,
With your flowers.

Because I needed you,
You’re there my dears,
Touching God sweetly to,
Bless us in years.

When we’re in need your love,
Bursts to impart,
The love of God Above,
On my love’s heart.

*Thank You my Sweet Friends*

©Sondra McPherson
July 19, 2005

Luvdalot Graphics & Design
©Luvdalot Graphics & Design, 2003-2005

 Music: "Someone To Watch Over Me"

Original Composition by Les Gorven
Used With Permission