~ An Hour With You~

Gotta take a little snooze,
Tummy is full of nuts and corn,
Cheeks stuffed and puffy,
They look good so adorned.

Aaah, the sun is so inviting,
The deck rail will be just fine,
For me to stretch out and laze,
In this sedated state of mine.

I have climbed tree after tree,
Up and down the aromatic boles,
They are perfect for racing 'round,
Lots of spaces to hang my toes.

Friends to chase around the tree,
A great playtime we did share,
But I am ready to recline and sleep,
The warm sunshine beckons me there.

I have found the perfect spot,
Looks like it was made for me,
I can lay and snooze a bit,
Then again run 'round the tree.

Gayle Davisİ
August 20, 2005


The image used scanned from a Birds & Bloom magazine.
Photo taken by Carmella DeLauro, Mayfield Heights, Ohio

Music: "Alluringly Captivating"

Original Composition and Performance
By: Mel Webb
Used With Permission
In memory of a great musician
We mourn your passing
Melvin Ray Webb
February 28, 1928-August 14, 2005