~ An Hour With You~

Mother Nature's master piece.
Her palette of gold, red and orange.
The rustling of falling leaves,
from an old Oak tree.

Ancient and magnificent.
Still standing tall and proud.
Leaves floating down to earth,
like Angels.

Mr. Squirrel busily scurries about,
getting ready for the next season.
Depending on what he collects today,
for it is winters menu.

The Sugar Maple,
sways to and fro.
Powered by the strong brisk fall winds.
The geese take flight once more.

Only this time,
to move onto greener pastures.
Mr. Rabbit starts to don a new fur coat.

For him it's the beginning,
of a game of survival.
A morsel of Autumns Magic Bliss.

Elizabeth Ann Busheyİ

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Music: "Colors Of The Wind"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission