~ An Hour With You~

Oh, the autumn beauty mirrored,
Upon the surface of the waters deep,
Is like the reflection of our love,
Forever in hearts we will keep.

Arm in arm and hand in hand,
Minds intertwined through love,
Blessing e'er given from the Lord,
Gently showers down from above.

I will always love you my chosen one,
From the beginning we were meant to be,
You have always been my sweet love,
Forever in God's love our future we see.

Autumn beauty mirrored in our hearts,
Our eyes mirror the beauty of God,
From the majestic colors of the leaves,
To the browning grass upon which we trod.

Let us for an eternity see autumn beauty mirrored,
Lest we dare to forget the Master of it all,
We dwell in His colorful earthly beauty,
Yet heaven's exquisiteness will enthrall.

Gayle Davis©
September 23, 2005

Copyright © 2005 Grammys Gallery
Jean Ilderton. All Rights Reserved

Music: "Mirror Inside"
Words and Music
Rhesa Siregar and Paul Gentry
Used With Permission