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Dream Songs

As November Draws Nigh

Rekindled feelings of heart ache and sorrow,
sear through my shattered broken soul.
They say time heals all wounds.

But what is left of my grieving heart,
wishes not to listen nor surrender.
As do the tears,
uncontrollably streaming down my face,
past the point, of no return.

A piece of my heart is forever lost.
You, taking it with you,
the day you were called home.

Imprisoned in the arms of grief.
And sadness devouring,
what's left of my withered spirit.

When will relief come,
to soothe my aching heart,
and heal the deep reopened scars of loss.
Heart broken, disillusioned and empty,
As November Draws Nigh.

Elizabeth Ann Busheyİ
November 2005

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