~ An Hour With You~

The rose is so delicate,
And oh, so beautiful too.
An array of color,
Each petal a different hue.

It reminds me of friendships,
So rare and so true.
Lord, my friends are many,
Because of the sweetness of You.

Each friend brings into my life
A beauty so very rare.
Which is tended with love,
Gentleness, and much care.

The wisdom of words they speak,
The advice they do extend,
Is very much appreciated
As coming from the heart of a friend.

There is healing and health
In the words that they speak.
Laughter and joy they bring,
Each one, so unique.

You have chosen my friends
With each one's welfare in mind.
You know just exactly who'll fit,
And who's one of a kind!

I've seen the beauty
Of their sweet spirit true.
Through the beautiful rose,
With each petal a different hue.


Proverbs: 17: 17
A friend loveth at all times.

Written for, and dedicated to my
friends, so dear to my heart.
Too many to name, but each of you
know who you are.
Thank You for your friendship
that will go on into eternity with us!


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Float script from

Music: "You Are So Beautiful"
Recorded by Joe Cocker
The Duchess
Sequenced by Don Carroll
Used With Permission


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