~ An Hour With You~

"Another Year of Thanks"

Itís hard to believe a year has passed
Since we last sat here, saying "Grace"
Counting blessings, this year to last
A happy smile .....Shining on each face

So many new things to talk about
As we enjoy our ......Holiday Fare
Thanking God for may things, and
Love.... He taught us to share

Itís in these times, that are so troubled
So many perils, we face each day
The concern and worry, have doubled
And we call on our Lord, and pray

Another year, He has seen us through
And this day is set aside, to give praise
Dear God, without you, what would we do
You bless us ....In so many ways

While we feast, make merry, or sing
Letís remember, from whence it came
We thank you Lord for everything
And Praise...Your Holy Name!

Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright © 2005

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Taylor's Traditional Tunebook
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