~ An Hour With You~

Angelic Whisperings

Angelic whisperings soothe my soul,
Consoling in a lovely song,
Just the sweetest melody to me,
Softening all that seems wrong.

Life is a lovely song in my heart,
When her soft whispers air by,
Like a gentle breeze her loving voice,
Inspires me through God on High.

Angelic whisperings unfold scents,
As this pretty in peach rose,
Soft and mellowing feelings linger,
For Godís aroma bestows.

Life is a lovely song just because,
Tender melodies bring glows,
Blessings of bouquets from God for all,
Yield sweet petals of repose.

Angelic whisperings sing Godís song,
Her voice sensitive and sweet,
For always my blessed inspiration,
And a heart of gold to greet.

*Inspired By and For Melva*

©Sondra McPherson
October 21, 2005

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