~ An Hour With You~

Angel Of Hope

The Angel of Hope
Lays down her lovely head
Weeping for the lost and forlorn
Praying for help from her Father

Knowing she has the responsibility
Of being the Angel of Hope
Hope for children, the poor
The elderly and Godís lost

Trying to protect all Godís children
Help them with appropriate choices
Trying to show them right from wrong
In a dangerous confused world

Making her feel sad and desolate
When she sees the poor and homeless
Hungry people throughout the world
When she is supposed to bring them hope

She feels helpless and distressed
Watching the abuse of children
Knowing they can not protect themselves
From the cruelty of this world

Trying to show the elderly
Their lives are still valued
Appreciated, needed and loved
Giving them hope to carry on

The destruction of little babies
A wonderful gift from God
Being destroyed and thrown away
When she is supposed to protect them

Weeping for a world full of pain
Praying for help from God, her Father
To help her in this enormous job
Of trying to bring hope to the world

©Donna Kramer
Feb 17, 2005


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