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An Angel Without Wings

I asked God to help me,
To ease my plight today,
I sought but saw nothing,
No help came my way.

I prayed again to the Savior,
Pleading for Him to respond,
I know my Lord loves me,
Yet He did not correspond.

In tears I cried upon the shoulder,
Of a friend e'er so dear to me,
I told her about the prayers,
But the Lord answered not my plea.

Gently she held me as I cried,
Soft words were spoken in love,
Assuring me Jesus heard my plea,
My prayers were received above.

A benignity I had not felt before,
Quietly surrounded my body and soul,
My friend took on the look of an angel,
God's answer slowly began to unfold.

I had looked for celestial beings,
With harps and angels that sing,
But God sent to me an angel,
Bearing no sign of heavenly wings.

Her voice was so angelic,
Her arms like the sun's rays,
As my burdens were rapidly lifted,
Her face was surely ablaze.

I hung my head in shame before her,
Faith in my Lord was lacking in me,
He sent to me one of Earth's Angels,
But in self-pity I failed to see.

My heart rings out in thanksgiving,
Forgiveness has been rewarded me,
God loves me always and forever,
Heaven's love has brought jubilee.

Gayle Davisİ
September 18, 2005
"Dedicated To Sunshine"














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