~ An Hour With You~

I知 here today by Your blue ocean,
Just waiting and hoping too,
I知 walking in waves splashing my feet,
Alone with my thoughts and You.

You said 'if you ever need to talk,
To a quiet place just be,
Then wait and think of Me and you値l see,
I知 there for you tenderly.'

So here I am on Your sandy beach,
Alone with my thoughts in tow,
I long to have my mystery love,
The Love You値l one day bestow.

I watch the tides ebbing and flowing,
Like empty hearts desire love,
Like I feel my bottled up tears yearn,
Praying for love from Above.

Alone with my thoughts in the sand Lord,
Come closer and hold my hand,
There's much I値l never understand yet,
I just need the love you've planned.

ゥSondra McPherson
October 26, 2005


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Music: "Sand Song (original composition)"

Composed and Performed By Don Carroll
Used With Permissioin