~ An Hour With You~


It's beautiful and heavenly,
How the Lord always gives to us,
Bright golden beauties we behold,
Painted finesse of His caress.

How glorious the Lord does bless,
Right before our eyes stirring in,
Divineness and love by His hand,
A time for us that reigns again.

The flaunting of Autumn's stunning,
God's golden drifting leaves that sing,
Winging vibrant hues of heaven,
A time for us so inspiring.

How our spirits thrive high in joy,
As we see leaves vary all days,
Golden tones glow of Godís whispers,
A time for us hearing His ways.

Lift up your eyes toward God's beauty,
He's there in each murmuring leaf,
Give Him praise for enlightening,
A time for us to share belief.

It's beautiful and heavenly,
How the Lord shares His love with us,
Yes He's awesome creating wonders,
A time for us His way to bless.

©Sondra McPherson
November 8, 2005





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Music: A Time For Us

Sequenced by: Jack Hall
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