~An Hour With You~





It is faith, faith, faith Oh Lord,
That daily carries me through,
I could not survive in this world,
Were it not for the touch of You,

Chaos forever reigns supreme,
Fear is uppermost in my mind,
I long for peace and tranquility,
Wondering if this I will e'er find.

My Bible I hold in divine reverence,
My prayers said oft', then yet again,
Praying for each soldier's survival,
Praying that fought for peace will win.

Innocent lives are forever shattered,
Fragments of bomb's deeds all around,
I walk daily among death and dread,
Each breath, so precious the sound.

I love you my Heavenly Father,
Your protection I pray will surround,
Bring us through this conflict alive,
Keep us in Your shielding Mantle bound.

My faith is my today, my tomorrow,
It holds me through each fiery display,
I pray to You Dear Father in Heaven.
I will live to see the light of another day.

Gayle Davisİ
June 28, 2005

God Bless The Soldiers


March 4 2005
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Music: "Looking Through The Eyes of Faith"

By Larry Holder, Elton Smith and Steve Israel
Used With Permission