~An Hour With You~

I hold a beautiful red rose,
For my Mama, whom I adore,
Yet I cannot pass it to her,
She's entered heaven's door.

I hope she sees me here,
With the rose I wish to give,
I miss her e'er so much,
Oh how I wish she did live.

I would love to reach out,
Touch her hard working hands,
Stroke the cheek I loved so much,
Hear her voice with aged command.

I would love to kiss the face,
Of the angel that gave birth to me,
Tell her how much I love her,
And hug her close for all to see.

Yet I stand and hold a rose,
As I dream of days gone by,
Remembering the sweetest mama,
Tears fall from my soulful eyes.

I look up to the heavens,
To mama I present my rose,
I say the words I wish to say,
Upon angel's wings I send my prose.

I love you Mama!

Gayle Davis©
August 6th, 2005

©MagnoliaD, 2005

Music: "Angels Sing"
Rusty's Midi Site
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By: Rusty D. Redden
Used With Permission