~ An Hour With You~

His Mothers Love

A very special marvelous gift
Was given to Mary by Godís sweet love
A wonderful miraculous little baby boy
Who will free the entire world to love

A beautiful sweet loving baby boy
Son of God the Father up above
Freeing the world from all their sins
Showing His Father's unconditional love

A mother's love, ever so great
For her precious beautiful Child
Who promised He would be waiting
For His loving mother, at heavens gates
To welcome His loving mother home

A Child who is filled with love
Praying for us all, to set us free
Freeing us from our mortal sins
That Adam and Eve gave to you and me

Mother Mary is so very, very proud
Of her wonderful little baby boy
Being thankful for the gift she was given
For she is able to share His precious love

Knowing thereís no greater love
Other than our Holy Father's Love
Than a mother's unconditional love
For a Mother's love of her child

©Donna Kramer
Oct. 17, 2005

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Music: Come Fill My Heart

By: Elton Smith, Larry Holden
And Steve Israel
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