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A Merry Heart

A merry heart doth good like a medicine,
A cheerful mind works healing,
The Bible has many different scriptures,
Speaking of these blessings.

You might ask, “What is a merry heart?”
A heart full of laughter and delight.
Characterized by cheerfulness,
And having fun outright.

It would be awesome if people were merry,
Happy, cheerful, and glad,
Even joyful, jolly or pleasant,
Seems useless to be sad.

Colors can be cheerful, bright, sparkling,
Along with lively and gay,
Also laughter is good for the soul,
You should laugh everyday.

When you began to feel down hearted,
Just think back on all these words,
They should lift you weary spirit,
And give you joy unheard.

When your soul is at peace with God,
You will have joy galore,
A forgiving heart will make you happy,
And give you love forever more.

Make up your mind to make the choice,
To let the glow of Jesus shine,
Through your merry, glad and happy life,
This would be Glory Divine.
Proverbs 17;22

Codell Donehoo

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