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A Joy To Behold

An enchanting humming bird,
rapidly darts to and fro.
One of God's most beautiful,
and fascinating creations.

Dazzling in the summers sunlight,
like priceless, precious gems.
Dressed in the finest hues,
of ruby and emerald.

Delicately and with great expectations,
it descends upon a honey suckle.
Dining from an open invitation.
Diligently taking in,
all the sweetness its tiny body can devour.

Tiny, yet so amazingly powerful.
With the ability of wings,
fluttering faster than a heart beat.
The capability of traveling,
at speeds unknown.

Whimsical and elegant.
Delightful, amazing,
And A Joy To Behold.

Elizabeth Ann Bushy


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Music: "How Do I Live-Leann"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission