~ An Hour With You~

A Family Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was one day in the year,
The family got together.
They came from every direction,
No matter the weather.

Grandchildren and great grandchildren,
Cousins, moms and dads.
Teenagers might even bring a friend,
All were welcome at Granddads.

Each of us brought our favorite food,
Hugs were passed around,
Some had not been seen since last year,
Just try to imagine the sound.

They brought the fiddle and banjo,
Guitar and mandolin,
Along with other music makers,
And also the violin.

All the food smelled so delicious,
The crowd could hardly wait.
After a prayer of praise and thanks,
We hurried to fill our plate.

The big meal was enjoyed by all,
Time for the fun to begin,
Kids would go to the attic to play,
Others took the ball game in.

Now was time for the music players,
Tuning up was a snap,
Playing and singing could not wait,
Cannot play or sing, you clap.

Most everyone joined in the fun,
It went on all afternoon,
Until the time came to eat again,
Then time to go, too soon.

The family never got together,
Without music of every kind,
Seemed they never tired of playing,
Singing even soothed the mind.

All the crowd left Thanksgiving day
With good feelings within,
So glad to see everyone again,
Another year of seeing kin.

Codell Donehoo


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Music: "Together Again"
Dick Anderson's Country Midi Guitar
Sequenced By: Dick Anderson
Used With Permission


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