~ An Hour With You~

I drift as my eyes close to dream,
Whilst listening to words singing,
Sweet melodies,
Touching, every fiber of my being,
Memories creating more,
Than physical pleasing,
Diagnosed as symptoms of emotions,
As droplets compose music, upon my skin,
A feeling set freely to breathe,
Life from the air of reality,
Proving how incapable the body is,
In holding captive a hearts dream,
Come my love, I beckon thee,
Step onto my ladder of dreams,
And let's climb higher towards the moon,
While we gather baskets of stars to wish upon,
Believing in the magic that plays on and on,
Created within our dreams,
Of our own self made fairytales,
Caressing our fantasies,
Of living happily ever after,
Breeding reality from our dreams.
Sharon DeichertŠ




Josephine Wall, Artist
Luvdalot Graphics & Design
ŠLuvdalot Graphics & Design, 2003-2005

Music: "Beauty And The Beast"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission