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~ An Hour With You~
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A "Bride's Tree"
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A lovely tradition from Germany,
Passed down through the age for the bride-to-be,

Or the bride, is her very own Christmas Tree,
Her first, decorated so perfectly!

It's called a "Bride's Tree," a tree of pine,
And each decoration bears a sign.

To symbolize wedded bliss and her life to be.
There are 12 special ornaments for this tree.
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A pinecone, a Santa, a rose and a fish.
A house, an angel or church if you wish,

A heart, a rabbit, a teapot, a bird,
A fruit basket, flower basket, that’s twelve but I've heard,

The perfect "Bride's Tree" has more to it than this,
Ahh, yes there's much more that signifies wedded bliss!

A carrot, a pickle, balls, boat and bell,
A grape, a star, paper chains, lights as well.
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Each one brings its very own unique quality,
In what it represents in her new life to be.

A pinecone, eternity and motherhood,
A Santa, goodwill, sharing all that is good.

A rose, beauty and affection, the Virgin Mary,
A yellow rose, faithfulness to the one you marry.

A fruit basket, generosity and plenty,
A flower basket, beauty in the home, good wishes many,
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A fish, Christ's blessing on their lives forever,
A house, a shelter from stormy weather.

An angel or church, God's guidance from above,
Peace, purity, protection, and love.

A heart, true love that will last forever.
A rabbit, peace with nature, hope and faith together,

A teapot, hospitality, a gracious host.
A bird, happiness, joy, the Holy Ghost.
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On the "Bride's tree" a carrot was a sign of good luck,
As was the pickle hidden last with a safe tuck.

Colored balls, our world’s diversity,
A boat, sailing life's calm and stormy seas.

A bell, joy and merriment all of the time.
A grape, friendship, or the sharing of wine.

A star, God's guidance from above,
Paper chains, garlands, bound together with love.
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Lights, a reflection of God's love in their life,
In the love they share jointly as husband and wife.

A "Bride's Tree" is symbolic of new life begun,
Where two lives are joined, and two become one.

© 2005 by Dot McGinnis

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