~ An Hour With You~
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A Boy And His Bow

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I would like to share a miracle,
That took place in the life
Of my energetic first son,
As he thought about wild life.

When he was about the age of seven,
He decided he needed,
A limb to make himself a bow,
Up a tree, he proceeded.
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He found the right limb that would work,
Up the tree about twenty feet,
Made a mistake sawing the wrong end,
Limb and boy, did to the ground meet.

Breaking his leg in three places,
Lining up bones with weights,
When the bones did not cooperate,
Surgery was the next date.
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We asked the doctor to wait,
Some praying was underway,
That night a girl in the next bed,
Came over and took the weights away.

The nurses were beside themselves,
Next morning x-rays were made,
Surprise to Doctors and nurses,
Bones were lined up perfectly.
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There were Praises and Thanks to God,
As we all stood aglow.
But this boy that was so eager,
Never got to make his bow.

Codell Donehoo©


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