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Happy Father's Day
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You are the best of the best,
The leader of the pack,
I give my love to you dad,
I know you will give yours back.
You are just the greatest dad,
Always you are there for me,
You never let me down,
Like you I want to be.

Unselfish in the things you do,
You give so much of your time,
You put us children first in life,
I am blessed as a dad you're mine.
Playing out in the yard,
Cooking and washing clothes,
Mopping and grocery shopping,
You have to do all of those.

Yet you smile when I ask for things,
We really can't afford to buy,
Sometimes at night I hear the sound,
Of my loving daddy softly cry.
When I ask him what is wrong,
He smiles and tells me all is fine,
He tries to hide his aching heart,
His care is ever so divine.

I know he is the best,
I watch him day after day,
Doing the things mommies do,
And loving us each step of the way.

Gayle Davis
May 29, 2005



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