~ An Hour With You~
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Eyes of green, I say Blue,
No matter the color or the hue,
Eyes that are kind in every way,
Windows to the soul, hear what they say.
A heart that is filled with compassion and love,
A romantic staring into the stars above,
Her smile as big as the laugh that outpours,
Personality that just soars and soars.
Strong in body, strong in mind,
Intelligence of the highest kind,
Beauty that dwells inside and out,
Does she really see what she's all about?
Take a deep look into the windows of her soul,
You will find a wonderful person inside who is whole,
She is many different things to those who are near,
A great friend to me and to my heart very dear.
If we could trade eyes,
But for a moment in time,
Then she could see,
All is sublime.
*For My Friend, Beth*

©Elizabeth E. McPherson
June 4, 2005

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