~ An Hour With You~



There is a fire inside me,
Burning, yearning, searching,
It is all consuming, wildly racing,
Swirling 'round my soul, reaching.

I can almost touch you,
In my dreams we entwine,
My being, my hopes, remembering.
Deep thoughts to love I assign.

I beckon to you in the distance,
Far, far away you have gone,
Yet your presence I feel near me,
Our seeking spirits no longer alone.

As the winds you have reached me,
Hearts out-willed the separation,
We greet in space with our minds,
Fulfilling our sweet destinations.

Holding, touching, grasping,
Strengthening the connection,
I open my eyes in amazement,
It was only a memory's reflection.

Gayle Davis©
April 23, 2005

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Music: "Wind Dancer" By: Bruce Deboer
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Used with permission.
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