~An Hour With You~

When You Were Little

I can remember when
They laid you in my arms
You felt so cuddly and soft
No bigger than a half pint

How you surprised me
The fast way you changed
In a blink of Godís eye
Faster than the flowers bloom

From a tiny baby boy
To a loving little child
Who would cry and giggle
When you were sad or happy

Tried giving you my undivided time
Giving you hope and praise
Filling you with love everyday
When you were frightened at night

Letting you sleep in the middle
Between your Daddy and I
Making you feel so safe and sound
Until your fright would go away

Praying always that everyone
Would let our children be little
For it really amazed me
How you grew up so soon

For in my heart and soul
I always will see the cuddly, soft baby
My beautiful sweet little boy
With the cute laugh and giggle

For letting you be little
Has made you a loving, caring man
With love, compassion, strength and faith
I am so proud to call you my son and friend

I love your sweet little boy and the man
That plays in your loving, caring heart
I will always remember to let them be little
For children are only little for a little while

©Donna Kramer
May 11, 2005






Graphics by: Outlaw by Design

Music: Bless The Beast And The Children

Sequenced by Jack Hall
Permission Granted



Assembled by: Donna