~ An Hour With You~


I stand and wait by the door,
Looking intently out of the Window,
Wishing in my heart you would return,
I wish you did not ever have to go.

I hold my Rabbit for comfort,
You filled him with love before you left,
I am just very lonesome without you,
I feel so empty, I am all by myself.

When are you coming home,
Is it much longer that I wait,
My heart is beating so fast,
You really are so very late.

You are coming home aren't you,
Did you go away for evermore,
I keep looking and looking,
But you have not opened the door.

It is the same as with mommy,
She left and said she would return,
Yet I waited and waited for her,
For me she shows no concern.

My heart is growing heavy,
The fear encroaches a new,
Daddy when are you coming,
I don't want to live without you.

I am really a little child,
I just can't live all alone,
I'm still standing and waiting,
But you have not come back home.

Gayle Davisİ
April 29, 2005







Music: "Lonesome"

Original music By: Mel Webbİ
Used With Permission