~ An Hour With You~

"To be absent from the body,and
to be present with the Lord." ll Corinthians 5:8

What Do You Feel In Your Heart Today?


What do you feel in your heart today,
Are you perhaps angry, or full of dismay,
Are you thinking that you are alone?
Trapped in despair and all on your own.

Do your heartaches; take the best of you,
Leaving you with much sorrow anew.
Have you got burdens, like no one has known,
And just like a root it has somehow grown.

I want you to know right from my heart,
I know what you suffer, I did from the start,
You feel like your world is crumbling down,
You search for help, but there’s none around.

You do not need to keep your burdens alone,
Jesus is willing ,your sins to atone.
Whatever your sorrow, whatever your lost,
Just call out to Jesus and meet at the cross.

Ann Hart©
July 24th, 2004

Music: "Softly And Tenderly"

Sequenced by Margi Harrell
Used With permission