~ An Hour With You ~


Beautiful lovely Victorian Lady
Dressed in a gown of black and white
Holding one single red rose bud
Remembering the beauty of her life

Knowing her life was so much simpler
In the days that are gone and past
When women wore beautiful gowns
With fancy beautiful bonnets and hats

Being cared for by her loving husband
Taking care and loving her children
Living a much, much slower life
Being happy just to be a mother and wife

Feeling so very sad and forlorn
Seeing how the world has changed
Children staying home all alone
With a lot of them not having a Dad

Oh, how much simpler her life
Was in the marvelous Victorian days
When woman dressed so beautifully
They seemed to take your breath away

Wishing you all could be much happier
Maybe trying to slow down your fast pace
Be a little more like this Victorian Lady
Try to be more of a mother and wife

©Donna Kramer
April 5, 2005












Music: "The Dance"

Sequenced By:  Jack Hall
Used With Permission