~ An Hour With You~

Pale moonlight through my window
As I stand here in it's glow
Looking out over the waves
Thinking of you and those days.

Restless, the ocean waves do roar
As the tears from my eyes pour.
Thinking of you and what could have been
My heart and love you did win.

You said you would never leave me
That with me you'd always be.
Yes, I trusted you all of the way
For that I must now pay.

Whispered lies chosen for me.
You knew they were never to be.
My weakness was loving you too much,
Surrendering to your gentle touch.

I allowed you control of my mind
Rendering me useless and leaving me blind.
Your weaknesses I could not see
Trusting in you and what would never be.

My eyes look beyond the moon
With You Lord I need to be in tune.
Help me please as I call on You
To look up and begin my life anew.


Scripture From:
Matthew 19:
In marriage they have become one flesh.
What God has joined together, let
no one separate.


Music: "Seaside"

Sequenced By: Jim Eshleman (Esh)
Used With Permission