~ An Hour With You~

I wish you could have known her
It's hard to tell you why
No one could find the words
Could hardly say goodbye

She never had a bad word
To say to anyone
Always kind and gentle
We all had so much fun

Nature,home, and grand-kids
Took up all her day
Write her little poems
With loving things she'd say

Never thinking of herself
She didn't need a thing
God was in her life
For He meant everything

This Lady is my granny
I want the world to know
There'll never be one like her
Cause Jesus broke the mold.

Tonya Bonstein




Ultimate Designs 2001-2003 .

The painting used in this set is
by William Whitaker.
Used with permission.

Music: "Oh, How the Years Go By"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission