~An Hour With You~

I sit and look at the picture,
Of the schoolhouse of yore,
Remembering the days back then,
Embracing the beloved lore.

We stood in front of the classroom,
Recited the multiplication tables,
When faced with problems in math,
Each one was ready and able.

We did not have a calculator,
Math was done, Oh my, of all things,
Written with pencil and notebook paper,
Using the data in our brains!

When report time came around,
Term papers or a long essay,
We actually wrote in LONGHAND,
No computer and printing in that day.

Good penmanship was touted,
Necessity bade words could be read,
We were, Oh yes, actually graded,
Students strived to move ahead.

No rewarding bad behavior back then,
Obedience was much in demand,
You either did as you were told,
Or face the dreaded reprimand.

Mother and Daddy stood behind,
The teacher's action to paddle,
Another waited upon arrival home,
You knew you had lost the battle.

We had Devotion every day,
A Pledge of Allegiance too,
Taking it all away has caused,
Declination of our morals true.

Guns were not allowed,
Most all boys had a knife,
Yet we were not afraid,
Of a friend taking a life.

We had guidelines to abide by,
Unspoken rules we knew to follow,
When we did something wrong,
In self-pity we weren't to wallow.

Responsibility we had to accept,
No "feel-good," "poor little can't control,"
It was own up to mistakes and actions,
Or punishment would definitely unfold.

I look back with great envy,
The unlocked windows and doors,
Safety was not the major concern,
Upon this country's shores.

ęGayle Davis
May 11, 2005




Music: "Yesterday" (Beatles)

Sequenced By: Gecadero
Used With Permission