~ An Hour With You~

The Legend Of The Dandelion

The lazy south wind saw the golden haired maid,
The legend is told while he lazed in the shade.

She stood in the meadow a sight to be prized.
The lackadaisical wind pondered and surmised.

Golden haired girl, who are you?
Gold as the sun, I love you I do.

Shy you may be, and if that be the case.
I'll admire from afar your beautiful face.

I shall laze and behold what I've captured by sight,
And distantly woo, my golden delight.

Yes content I shall be to loll under this tree,
And smell magnolia sweet, adoring thee!

Such a glorious sight! Ahh! This view is divine.
And the lazy Southwind for his flower did pine.

Upon the warm grass he did linger and rest,
With his golden haired queen in her far meadow's nest.

When sunlight arose on one mournful day,
Southwind's golden flower had gone away.

Too long had he waited to court his maid.
Content he had been to lounge under the shade.

Now in the meadow where she'd once grown,
There disheveled and all alone.

A frail old woman with frizzled hair,
Was all that was left standing there.

Saddened he was and blew a sigh
And when he did oh, her hair it did fly!

Alas! Every spring tells the legend of old.
That fat lazy wind sighs for love so its told.

Southwind longs for love lost, oh such gloom!
Whenever he sees dandelions in bloom.

Tell me Southwind, oh tell me please do,
How many flowers did you let slip through

Your lazy fingers while you idly waited?
You foolish wind you procrastinated!

Dot McGinnis©
© 2005

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Music: "When I Saw You"
Redsal's Midis
© Sal Grippaldi, Redsal
Musician, Composer, Digital Sequencer
Used With Permission