~An Hour With You~

Everyday there’s a special reason,
When serving Jesus in your life,
Everyday there’s a brand new blessing,
That helps you through the toils and strife.

Satan has thrown me many heartaches,
To try to tear this body down,
Many, many times He has took my smile,
And has turned it to a frown.

But each time I am made stronger,
For the battle I go through,
For Jesus walks beside me,
And He gets me daily through,

Not once did He ever say to us,
It will be easy all the way,
He carried His crosses daily,
So why should we get away.

The blessings of this lifetime,
Could never ever compare,
To the lifetime blessings in heaven,
When we get over there.

So when your trials in life are rough,
Remember you are never alone,
Jesus will be there to guide you,
And bring you safely home.

Ann Hart©
March 2, 2005





Music: "Just A Closer Walk With Thee"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission