~ An Hour With You~

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I am but a man,
Just like the rest,
But I always strive,
To give my best.

I’ve looked around,
And heard the cry,
My country calls,
So I have to try.

I’ve worked so hard,
And learned what to do,
Because I’ve promised,
Peace I’ll bring to you.

With so many others,
We move on in,
And for your freedom,
The fight does begin.

I know there’s some,
That do reject,
But I don’t have the time,
To sit and reflect.

For what I do,
And how I react,
Is what helps me watch,
My best friends back.

I don’t know why,
And I do not question,
As I see things,
Too harsh to mention.

So once again,
We walk that street,
Forever watchful,
Of what we might meet.

We walk on slowly,
And watch each other,
Because by this time,
Each one’s a brother.

Then I hear the shot,
But it doesn’t hurt a bit,
As I realize,
I have not been hit.

Then I see,
For there’s no doubt,
I see my friend fall,
As he does cry out.

I know right then,
That he’s felt the sting,
And the pain,
That, that shot did bring.

I see him drop,
And watch him fall,
As I hear his words,
And listen to his call.

It dawns on me,
Amidst the strife,
That my best friend,
Has lost his life.

He’s paid the price,
So others could see,
That was the cost,
Of freedom and liberty.

For what he’s done,
Forever will be told,
As his name is inscribed,
On the honor roll.

But for me it’s different,
Because the day that my friend died,
Was also the day,
That I first cried.

Dark Blue Knight©
20th June2005
All Rights Reserved

"These words are dedicated to all men and women of those of us known as the
"Free World" who are currently serving their respective countries in areas of
conflict, so they can try and bring a little peace, stability and democracy to
those who do not know the meanings of those three words. We sometimes take our
freedoms for granted, but a large price has been paid for the freedoms we enjoy.
Let us never forget our men and women who serve. Their service and sacrifices
have been the prices paid."
Dark Blue Knight©

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."
(John Phillpot Curran)
Adopted as the motto of the Australian Returned Services Association.

Music: "My Silent Reverie"

Original music By: Mel Webb©
Used With Permission