~ An Hour With You~

The Cross I Have To Bear

My load is heavy,
I don't feel strong.
But I'll bear my cross,
My whole life long.

I will not falter,
For I can see.
To carry that load,
Is my destiny.

But I'm not alone,
I understand.
If I put faith in God,
He'll lend a hand.

There's times I stumble,
With the seeds I've sown.
Try to bear that cross,
All on my own.

Spend endless days,
And with nights I share.
So my life becomes,
One long nightmare.

Seems that things,
Are not the same.
To have one's life,
So filled with pain.

I cannot help it,
And sometimes fall.
Then pray to God,
My cross recall.

I seem to lay,
Upon the ground.
Amazed that somehow,
New strength is found.

Someone helps me to my feet,
Tells me, No it's not the end.
The load is lighter,
I've found a friend.

Sometimes that friend,
I cannot see.
But He bore his cross,
On Calvary.

I then remember,
My Lord's own pain.
Arise and bear,
My cross again.

I know not when,
This load I'll shed.
This cross I bear,
The pain I dread.

But I do know,
And do believe.
One day this cross,
Somewhere I'll leave.

No more crosses,
No more tears.
No more pain,
No more fears.

I'll stand before my God,
And he will see.
I bore my cross,
With dignity.

I pray I will,
Have done enough.
Throughout my life,
That seemed so tough.

My God will say,
Come, Heaven share.
I've seen you carry,
The cross you bear.

The cross is lifted,
For all time.
You bore your cross,
Like I bore mine.

Your pain and suffering,
I do revoke.
No more for you,
That painful yoke.

Dark Blue Knight

30th October 2000
All Rights Reserved
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This set was made from tubes by

The Ballad of the Cross
Copyright 1997

By: Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Used With Permission