~ An Hour With You~


  The Cost of Forgiveness

The Love that took You to Calvary
Was offered for the world to see.
'Tis older than the beginning of time.
You gave Your life while in Your prime!

To save lost souls such as mine
Who were all in decline.
'Twas planned with so much love
By God our Father from above.

I want my life to show Your compassion.
May I live it in such a fashion,
That people who don't know Thee
May want what they see in me.

Lord may my life glorify you,
That's what my heart longs to do.
To speak of your wondrous love,
That came in the form of a Dove.

You satisfy the longings of my heart!
The Love You give will never depart.
It's the depth of all that I feel,
And on my heart It's set Your seal.



Scripture: Hebrews 9: 28
So Christ was once offered to bear the
sins of many; and unto them that look
for him shall he appear the second time
without sin unto salvation.





Music: "Something More"
Words and Music By:
Rhesa Siregar, Paul Gentry
And Elton Smith
Used With Permission