~ An Hour With You~

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The sun is slowly setting,
Upon the lighthouse of my heart,
You've always been with me,
Short times have we been apart.

You were always available,
There when I would call,
Your fatherly love given,
In life you were my all.
Now the sun is surely setting,
There is a journey you must make,
My heart is aching inside me,
As you strive to remain awake.

You weakly reach for my hand,
Gently patting it in your special way,
You reassure me of our meeting,
Along heaven's path one day.
I know you must travel onward,
This voyage you'll make alone,
But you have left a well laid path,
Solidly placed as though of stone.

Through tears I softly answer,
Promising to follow the example,
You strove to provide for me,
In life God's love is forever ample.
Happy Father's Day my beloved Daddy,
I will not follow the desires of man,
I will traverse your well made foot prints,
My actions Christ will command.

Sleep in the arms of Jesus,
Deserved rest you have achieved,
Look out o'er yon horizons,
Jesus awaits, you to receive.
The light has grown e'er dimmer,
My lighthouse shines no more,
The beacon I treasured in life,
Now shines upon heavens shore.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy,
See you In Heaven!!!!!!!!!!

Gayle Davisİ
May 30, 2005

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Music: "The Man Over There"

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